Monday, March 23, 2009

The Whole Armor of God

My good friend of many years Chivas Davis has a indie comic out that he writes, draws and publishes himself.  Its a christian comic called The Whole Armor of God.  He asked me months ago to do a poster for the comic.  I'm just getting around to drawing his characters.  Yes...shame on me. But i'm on my new drawing schedule so, more drawings will be forthcoming.  This is the lead character Elijah.  I may make some adjustments to this Brandonized version. I will also update the blog with info on the comic and his site. Later.

It's been a while

The time spent away from this blog will not happen again!! Promise.  I've been slacking.  Updates will be coming more often.  I'm sort of on a daily schedule trying to get some drawing in everyday.  Also did a huge HDD wipe of my computer and reinstalled and backed up everything.  Got rid of some crap and reorganized so I can start filling up this blog with artwork.  I did these two drawings below from photo reference from the net.  It was a struggle drawing again.  Cant let that happen again. I have to keep at it.